Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nigeria: The Arrival of the GRAND SCAM.

Make no mistake. I'm not talking about the Grand Slam or the Grand Prix! I'm talking about notorious crime of fraud and SCAM, and the country that can now be most certainly pointed at as the Land of the World Greatest Champions in Scam acts.

Nigeria's notoriety as a haven of scammers, as least in the eyes of the West, has never been in doubt. But what the West has never known all this while is that the Champion of Champions in Nigerian Scam talent and expertise, are yet to arrive. But one can now tell the world right away and very categorically and without any fear of contradiction that the World-class Scam Champions that Nigeria has ever produced have finally arrived. Unfortunately, they didn't arrive as private citizens that worked so hard all by themselves and by their sheer talent to rise to the very top. Rather they coasted to the top and are recklessly and vehemently plying their trade through the vehicle of the Government of a Sovereign Nation State presently called Nigeria.

Who then are these just unveiled Nigerian, world class SCAM Champion of Champions? They are the immediate family and close associates of Nigeria's current but very sick President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua whose location is presently unknown to the general majority of the population of the country which he, the President Yar'Adua, and his family and cronies claim to be serving.

In Nigeria, Scam or Fraud of whatever kind, has a better name. It is called 419! The name was taken from a similarly titled section in the Constitution of the Republic of Nigeria where punishments are prescribed for the crime of scam or fraud perpetuated by any individual or group against another. But ironically, rather than scare people from the horrible crime of scam and fraud, the section and it's titular became, especially for those Nigerians with much dubious access to the government, a fashion code that must be subscribed to, albeit in the opposite sense, with all ferocity imaginable. Over the years the Nigerian government officials have only been successful in most hypocritically bringing to book private citizens engaged in the 419 crime, a very marginal success indeed because the 419 culture is so much embraced by these government officials themselves. But this so religiously made subscription to this culture by the government officials has somewhat been wrapped well under pretence in something that the Nigerian public do very well know as an open secret. However, this has just changed.

Recently, the Nigerian government, because of the extreme greed of Yar'Adua's family and his close cronies, became finally stripped of all its pretences and self-deceitful open secrecy veil; and its true image as an ultimate 419 machine has finally been laid bare before the entire world. No. Before now, the Nigerian government has never been the ultimate 419 machine. It has only been a 419 machine. But this “Ultimate” dimension was just added by Mrs. Yar'Adua, her children and in-laws and the cronies and very crooked friends and government cabinet members of the dying President, including one Michael Aondoakaa, who parades himself currently as Nigeria's Minister of Justice. You can call them the “Yar'Adua Ultimate Scam Team.” And this team members, whose population is not even up to one hundred in number, are winning against an entire population of a sovereign country numbering more than 150million. A grand shame!
(Written by NISRRA)