Thursday, December 31, 2009

Joke Apart! The Christmas Day, Detroit Flight Attempted Terrorist is Mentally Ill.

Written By Ugochukwu Ogbonnaya.

The 23 year old, Detroit flight attempted terrorist, who happened to hold a Nigerian nationality, suffers from a rare mental ill-health condition known as “N'karaus Maduaeis Syndrome” also known in the Nigerian Igbo language as “Nkpokoro Mmadu” or “Nkaghara Mmadu”. Although a rare disease, meaning that it is very uncommon amongst the ordinary Nigerian population, it is well known to be the major ill-health condition that afflicts the very few number of people who makes up Nigeria's ruling mafia and nouveau rich rogues who for decades have held the country under their evil spell especially starting from the end of the country's civil war in 1970. It is a mental ill-health condition so serious that every government that has been in or taken office in Nigeria since the 70s, succeeded only in deepening the country into a seemingly perpetual misery of corruption, wastage of resources and worst governance ever known to man. The simple reason for this being that the majority of the individuals that make up these unfortunate Nigerian governments, since the 70s up to present, are all from the same class of ruling mafias and wealthy rogues - the fat cats - whose tiny population segment is the group that is mainly afflicted by this disease syndrome which is also hereditary. Farouk Umar Abdulmuttallab, the failed, 23 year old, Christmas day terrorist, inherited his own affliction of the disease from his father, an inner circle member of the Nigerian ruling and fat cat class.

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An On-going Historic Rape of Nigeria

A country without a President in control and without anybody exactly in-charge of its government since November 23, 2009; a country with a Parliament and political class dominated by fraudsters; and a country with massive governmental acts of illegality and fraud against the people, as now on-going in Nigeria with reckless abandon; is a perfect breeding ground for terrorists!

The list is endless of the presently on-going massive governmental acts of illegality and monumental fraud against the citizens of Nigeria, by the fraudsters who, as time has now fully revealed, are in control of the Yar'Adua's failed government. Here is just a few of them:

1) A serving President of a country proceeded on a sick leave without duly and officially informing the people he serves.

2) A serving President of a country went on an AWOL (away from duty without leave) and refused to properly empower his Vice President to be in-charge of the affairs of State, while he, the president is temporarily away.

3) A serving President of a country, who right from day one of his assumption of office, mobilized and used the resources of the country to continuously pull wool over the eyes of the people he serves on issues concerning the truthful state of his health; and also who recklessly deployed the resources of the country to get himself medically cared for in world class hospitals and healthcare systems which his government and his ruling political party, despite being in power for some ten years and counting and despite having all the wherewithal, has criminally refused to provide at home for the benefit of the generality of the Nigerian population.

4) A government in which the Minister of Justice and Attorney General and few other ministers who are appointees of the President, are openly more powerful than and disrespectful to the Vice President of the country who was "duly elected" alongside the President by the people of Nigeria.

5) A country which its President, from anywhere and nowhere in particular and with an unseen hand - in an age of advancement and sophistication of signature forgery - can append his signature to such an important national instrumental document as the country's national budget, a singular act which will make the document a law that will affect the lives over 150million people; and the people are being told to take it like that and keep quite because the constitution is silent about where and how the President should perform such an exercise as budget signing.

6) A country where an outgoing Chief Judge or Chief Justice of the country swears in his successor as has never happened before in the country's history, usurping an oath administering duty belonging to the President or his lawful second-in-command or appropriately and lawfully delegated proxy; and the citizens are being told that they should keep quiet, take it that way, and be happy because it is legal.
If Chief Judges or Chief Justices of Nigeria can swear in their successors, as outgoing Chief Justice Idris Kutigi just did by swearing in “Mr.” Kastina-Alu as his (Kutigi's) successor Chief Justice, what stops these Chief Judges/Justices from nominating and appointing their successors as well, thereby ushering in the long awaited era of independent judiciary in Nigeria?


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